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WSU Elections 2021

Do you have what it takes to be part of the 2022 Board of Directors? The WSU is an independent, informed and principled representative group, advocating for the rights of students and working to enhance their well-being. Nominations open on Monday 6th September for next year’s Board and we need people who can keep the momentum going.

What might make you a good Director?

– Being committed to the broad vision and mission of the Waikato Students’ Union
– Having the time to be an effective Board member
– Being an independent, creative and critical thinker
– Having high ethical standards, a strong work ethic, and a desire to get things done
– Being a team player who is able to see the big picture

Any currently enrolled student at the University of Waikato may stand for election, provided you will be enrolled next year while you hold office.

Directors are in office for a calendar year and need to be available to start work from about the middle of January. Workloads vary during the year and it is difficult to quantify how much time you need to commit. As a general rule you need to allow a few hours each week for things like:
– Board meetings
– Events and activities
– Research, consultation and focus groups
You will also be expected to attend induction training late in the year where you will be introduced to your role and your colleagues.

Service as a Director of the WSU Board is voluntary, but it does have its rewards:

– Good times at our various events and activities
– Satisfaction of meeting and helping other people
– Experience of committee meetings, research and focus groups
– Looks good on your CV
– Qualifies for Employability Plus Programme
– Small financial honorarium

For further information email