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Samira Suleiman

Hi everyone, My name is Samira Suleiman. I am originally from Somalia but was born in Yemen. I am currently pursuing a bachelor of Law degree minoring in Sociology. I am campaigning to be WSU’s general director for 2021. I am running for this position because I aim to represent the voices of the marginalised community. I know the struggles that come with being an ethnic individual therefore I want to be a role model for those who share similar experiences. I believe that my heart is for the people so ensuring that all ethnic voices are heard and represented is my primary objective. One interesting fact about me is that I have 13 siblings, therefore I have the necessary skills to care for a whole village. So trust me to take care of y’all. Furthermore, if selected for this position I will aim to create a welcoming environment in which I will highlight the beauty and diverse nature of our campus community.