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Marcus Fletcher

Teenaa tatou katoa!

Ko Waikato te iwi

Ko Ngaati Mahuta ki te Hauaauru, Ngaati Hikairo, Ngaati Koheriki, Ngaati Maniapoto te Hapuu

Ko Marcus Fletcher ahau


If I am being honest, leadership positions will forever be intimidating and daunting to run for, however, Te Whare Waananga o Waikato encourages tauira to work outside their comfort zone. The opportunities I have received at Te Whare Waananga o Waikato has been an awesome blessing to be a part of not just academically, but socially and culturally. Therefore, it has allowed to develop the confidence to run for the one of the Directors for WSU. Diversity and collaboration are my main morals when forming a board who can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table. Furthermore, being able to follow the legacy of past WSU board members, especially those who established a strong Maaori presence.