Academic Clubs

  • Computer Science Students Association (CS^3)

    Contact Person: Jojo Stewart   Contact:

    The Compute Science Student s Society are a bunch of students who are passionate about making computer science at university of Waikato the best place it can be, y running events and connecting students with upcoming opportunities. Some events that we run include social BBQ’s, LAN party’s industry mixers. We also run a fundraising Pub Quiz and the annual Computer Science Pub Crawl at the end of semester B.

  • Management Communications Student Association (MCSA)

    Contact Person: Kaydee Dobson   Contact:

    MCSA is a student run club determined to connect its members to the professional world. We deliver professional networking events across Hamilton, Auckland and Tauranga; fortnightly mixer events with professionals from the Communication industry; panel events to support job seeking skills; student discounts on PRINZ memberships and volunteer opportunities.

    MCSA aims to both inspire and give opportunities to current communication students to gain the skills and confidence to enter the professional life. MCSA has a unique focus in guiding students and giving them the possibility of encountering real professionals on a regular basis.

  • Post Graduate Students Association

    Contact Person: Sherrie Lee   Contact:

    The PGSA exists to represent all post grad interest at the University of Waikato. We work towards improving conditions at the university so that post grad experience is positive and rewarding. Our goal is to cultivate strong post graduate culture on campus.

  • Waikato University Science Students Association (WUSSA)

    Contact Person: Annette Carshalton   Contact:

    WUSSA is a professional based club for all students studying science. We aim to provide opportunities for students to meet, network and learn about the science industry and grow professionally as scientists.

  • University of Waikato Mooting Society

    Contact Person: Jadin Hooper   Contact:

    Our aim is to promote mooting in all its forms at the University, from competitive mooting to assessments, and to help you to develop your mooting skills. We aim to have a grass-roots focus with heavy emphasis on skills development and education to improve the pool of mooters at every level of competition or assessment available at UoW and in New Zealand! Our values include participation, quality and commitment to competitions.

    Mooting is a mock Court hearing, where you present a legal argument based on a fact scenario given and real cases to a judge in a Courtroom context. This society will benefit law students or those aspiring to study law the most, as Mooting emphasises skills essential to the study and practise of the Law, however this is not a pre-requisite as all of the material is often given to the parties. Joining the Mooting Society will give students the opportunity to build on core skills such as critical reasoning, argument development and public speaking.

Special Interest Clubs

  • AIESEC Waikato Inc

    Contact Person: Richard Liu   Contact:

    AIESEC is the world’s largest international student organisation, with over 70 000 members worldwide. AIESEC in the Waikato is one of the five local member committees in New Zealand. AIESEC gives young action orientated individuals practical opportunities to develop the skills and awareness necessary to become globally minded, socially responsible leaders of tomorrow through international exchanges and links with the local business community.

  • Waikato University Board Gaming Club

    Contact Person: Jay Hughes   Contact:

    This is an inclusive club dedicated to regularly bringing people together to play modern board games. If you’re well enmeshed in the hobby or just a casual gamer (or completely new to board games!) we play games that cater to a wide range of tastes. From modern classics like Latin or Ticket to Ride, to big thematic games like Dead of Winter or Game of Thrones board game, to small party games like Superfight, The Resistance or Werewolf and everything in between. Bring your own games or come along and play the games brought in by the regulars. Someone is always there to teach new players.

  • WSU Cooking Club

    Contact Person: Colin Pilbrow   Contact:

    We have weekly pot luck lunches where everyone brings along a plate of food to share, we swap recipes and relax.

  • Waikato University Gardeners Club

    Contact Person: Beth Pearsall   Contact:

    Waikato University Gardeners Club is an open and inclusive space for everyone to learn, teach and share a passion for growing food. We aim to promote and inspire students to have a more self-reliant attitude towards health and planetary wellbeing through the production of local, organic food. And it’s fun community building good times!

  • Waikato University Gaming Society

    Contact Person: Tom Featonby   Contact:

  • Noize Student Radio

    Contact Person: Chris Buckell   Contact:

  • Generation Zero Waikato

    Contact Person: Aaron Wong   Contact:

    Generation Zero is a group of you ng New Zealanders finding climate solutions. Through better transport, more efficient land use and by encouraging sustainable business we can mitigate climate change. Generation Zero campus groups effect local change and support nationwide campaigns. We welcome people of all disciplines and backgrounds to work towards a net zero carbon New Zealand by 2050.

  • Crazed

    Contact Person: Regi Medina   Contact:

    Crazed is a club for artists such as graphic designers, musicians and programmers.

  • Study Abroad Network (SAN)

    Contact Person: Deanna Morse   Contact:

    The Study Abroad Network (SAN) is the international hub on campus. We connect incoming students to the Waikato through SAN events and the international buddy programme. We inspire current students to go on an exchange through info sessions and being a constant source of information and inspiration.

  • Solomon Islands Student Association

    Contact Person: Bill Apusae   Contact:

    The Solomon Islands Students’ Association is a small group of students studying at the University of Waikato. Our association consists of New Zealand Aid Scholars from the Solomon Islands and domestic students in New Zealand. We aim to support our students in the university and nurture our culture and traditions through community events and constant encouragement.

  • Volume on Campus

    Contact Person: Matthew Rae   Contact:

    Volume on campus is a University of Waikato club made up of local artists, designers and musicians dedicated to ensure local artists get an opportunity to share their work. Our Mission is to enable artists to be recognized in the public sphere through access to resources and promotion. It is our goal to encourage change within the arts communities ensuring that collaboration remains a priority in order to benefit the greater community. We do this in hopes of inspiring revolution within creative industries worldwide. Events are held by Volume on Campus to facilitate and support artist’s abilities. These events include Friday Open Mic sessions, free guitar lessons, busking on campus, art expos and fashion shows. Our goal at the University of Waikato is to build a support network for artists so that nobody falls between the cracks. To many times artists and musicians give up on their passion because there isn’t anyone to help them. We aim to be the help people need. With help from The Volume Collective we also record musicians, run a radio show on The Hum, organise events and help give members real-world experience in the industry.

  • Waikato International Students Association (WISA)

    Contact Person: Sheril Mathew   Contact:

    WISA focuses on ALL international students at Waikato University, to celebrate cultural diversity on campus. Our vision is to be the core facilitator of international students’ social and academic affairs; within the boundaries of the University of Waikato.

  • Waikato University Cook Islands Association (WUCIA)

    Contact Person: Vaineritua Koteka   Contact:

    We are the Cook Island Association of Waikato University. What we do is gather Cook Island Students and be that home away from home support. However we are open and friendly to all Students. We have a strong culture of performing arts that we are happy to teach as well as support each other through Uni.

  • Unity Dance Collective

    Contact Person: Samantha Rowe   Contact:

    Unity dance Collective is the only dance club on campus. We provide classes every Wednesday from 1 – 2 pm for our members at $20.00 per semester. Each week we teach a new style so there is no pressure for any of our members to have danced before or to perform any of what they learn. We are all about having some fun, learning some new styles and getting to know new people.

  • Hamilton Operatic Society

    Contact Person: Conor Gyde   Contact:

    Do you love to entertain? What about theatre? Come by and be a part of the Hamilton Operatic Youth Society! We’re the student club affiliated to the best performance society in Hamilton – Hamilton operatic Society! Whether you’re a backstage whiz or prefer to be in the limelight there will always be a spot for you in our society. Join us to start your long road to professional theatre!

  • Waikato Host Friends Club

    Contact Person: Akuakem Asonganyi   Contact:

    100% volunteer organisation that links international students from the University of Waikato with members of the community in Hamilton willing to engage in cultural exchange, friendship and support.

    The Waikato Host friends club links local members of the community with international students from Waikato University. This is a great opportunity to engage in cultural exchange, establish new friendships and provide support to international students. Small activities like sharing a nice cup of tea, taking them Hamilton Gardens, inviting them to church or helping the get around Hamilton could make a huge difference to them while they are away from their friends and family.

  • KiriWUSA

    Contact Person: Losaline Kekeia Tauaa   Contact:

    The Kiribati Waikato Students’ Association is established for the benefit of all Kiribati students who study at the University of Waikato. It speaks for itself, uniting all Kiribati students to ensure their access to a fully integrated lifestyle in the university and New Zealand as a whole in order to complete their studies and become future assets to Kiribati.

  • Japanese Language and Culture Club

    Contact Person: Tidavadee Tongdethsri   Contact:

    Are you interested in Japanese culture? Are you a fan of Japanese anime? Do you want to improve your Japanese? Or do you just want to meet some interesting people?

     If yes, the come and join the Japanese Language and Culture club! Everyone is welcome and no Japanese language skills required. We will organise a variety of activities, such as Quiz Day, Calligraphy lessons Japanese Food party and many more! We also hold a Japanese language study session every week. You’ll get to learn something new as we cater for each level. Come along and have some fun!

Cultural Clubs

  • Te Ranga Ngaku Incoporated

    Contact Person: Jonathan Feast   Contact:

    Te Ranga Ngaku is an incorporated society working within the Management school providing support services for Maori students on campus. We provide mentoring, organise practical business trips for students called Haerenga. Our goal is to embrace the values of Manaaki, Awhi, Tautoho and Whakawhanaungatanga and provide a comfortable environment for all Maori members.

  • Te Waiora o te Whare Wananga o Waikato

    Contact Person: Emily Ruane   Contact:

    Te Waiora provides a warm and inclusive environment that encourages engagement, participation and representation throughout all facets of university life. We are dedicated to become academically, socially and culturally competent. Te Waoira endeavours to uphold tikanga, and kawa of all the local people, while also being respective of all the represented IWI on campus.

Maori Roopu

  • Waikato Unicol AFC Incoporated

    Contact Person: Robyn Slade  Contact:

    Waikato Unicol AFC is the university-based football club.  Club members are a mix of students and members of the community, such as high school students and those in the workforce.

    The committee's ambition is to return to the days when the Women's team was the premier team in the Waikato, the Winners of the Women's ASB Knockout Cup and consistently performing well in the Women's Northern League.  Our aspirations for the Men's team is just as ambitious, looking to return to Northern League and build depth within the club to maintain that position.

    The football season starts on the first weekend of April for Men's Federation Division 1 and for all Waikato divisions. It runs for 26 weeks to the end of September. Men's teams play at 12:30pm or 2:45pm on Saturdays and Women's teams play from 11am on Sundays.

    Training is on the university fields under lights. Parking is in Gate 3a or 3b off Silverdale Rd, near the Don Llewellyn Pavilion.

    Please visit our website for more details and up to date information:

  • Waikato University Basketball Club

    Contact Person: Steff Holcroft   Contact:

    The Waikato University basketball club has been newly formed in 2016 and has been created to help enhance the basketball experience at the University of Waikato. The basketball club caters to all levels of basketball experience, from competitive to social players. All of the competitive players have dedicated training slots at UniRec with top coaches, and all have the opportunity to enter weekly basketball league games. Our social teams will also have weekly sessions at UniRec, where players can get together and have a scrimmage, these social teams can also be entered into weekly league games.

Sports Clubs

  • Waikato University Christian Club

    Contact Person: Callum Christofferson  Contact:

    Waikato Christian Club is made up of genuine believers in Christ from various backgrounds. We hold the common faith and love the Lord Jesus Christ, and we endeavour to give Him the “first place in all things”(Col.1:18) We have found that meeting together in oneness with other believers to enjoy Christ is the way to cooperate with God for the accomplishment of his eternal purpose as revealed in the Bible (eph.3:11) We warmly welcome all believers in Christ and we seek to maintain the oneness of the spirit by keeping our focus on Christ himself.

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