The WSU clubs network is the cornerstone of almost everything we do. With over 70 affiliated clubs and 5,000 students and non-students taking part it’s a big deal to us. We have almost every sport, political group, cultural pursuit or special interest you could want to be part of and if we don’t we are open to helping you start your club.

If you’re not a member of a club yet, we have made joining easy. Just go to the list of our clubs and click on one to learn more about them and email a contact person. If you are already a member of a club then we have every resource you need in our clubs manual or our separate document list.

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Clubs Manual

So you and 10 friends have started a club? Wondering what’s next? Confused by all of the jargon around constitutions, and resources?

We have taken everything we know about clubs and put it all into one handy clubs manual. You can download it, you can view it online or if you really hate trees you can print it! (Please don’t print it.) If you still can’t find the answer you are looking  come and see us, we will probably know.



Key Dates for WSU Clubs 2016

Wednesday 2nd March – Clubs Day Semester A

Wednesday 9th March – Clubs Mixer One

Monday 4th April – Round One Grants Closing Date

Friday 15th April – Due Date for Affiliation and Re-affiliation

Thursday 12th May – Clubs Mixer Two

Monday 13th June – Round Two Grants Closing Date

Wednesday 20th July – Clubs Day Semester B

Thursday 4th August – Clubs Mixer Three

Monday 8th August – Round Three Grants Closing Date

Friday 9th September – Club Awards Nominations Due

Thursday 15th September – Clubs Mixer Four

Wednesday 21st September – WSU AGM

Thursday 6th October – Clubs Awards

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